IVADRONES is the first technical drone operation booking platform and mission follow up made for industrial company.
Our mission

We are currently facing a real revolution in the industrial sector. After an impressive gorwth business on the B2C market, the drone industry is seducing B2B market : Farming, industrie, energy, telecommunication, insurance...

We see in this transition a trumendous operationnal leverage for industrial companies as long as they associate technical drone opération to digital tools. That is where we come in !

Increase your operational efficiency, simplify your process and improve your productivity are our leitmotiv.


IVADRONES can count on a solid professionnal pilot network on all french, switzerland and spanish territory.

All our pilot are professionnal and equiped with drone and sensors that respond to your needs.

Without them nothing would be possible !


The past few years has been marked by the advent of the drone on pretty much all industrials sectors. We have noticed that there was no solution that prvide a global anwser to global needs when it comes to do hundreds, thousands of drone opérations every month.
The idea of a platform made especially for industrial that can absorb and manage an increasing volume of drone mission was born.

We consider that the needs in term of volume will continu to increase significantly and that the value of this sector will strengths on digital tools, the capabilities to absorb a large volume of opération and control operational KPI.

IVADRONES bring to the market the only solution that allow us to industrialize drone mission on all french territory, reducing delivery delay and provide an harmonized quality services required by industrial companies.

The data acquisition on the field is a real gold mine for indsutrials companies
This is the path the IVADRONES is taking... Being data driven

Grégoire Saint-CastCEO & Founder
Jean-Guillaume SidorbeCFO
Jean François MoretteCOO
Veljko PopovicCTO
Christophe ThomasSenior Business Executive
Yanis ZenaguiOperational manager
Ana OstojicPost treatment and data acquisition manager
Milan GirardMarketing Manager